The manage-my-softener platform offers you access to the valve controllers data at different levels. You can login and consult from a distance the current and historical usage data as well as the actual settings. It helps you to prepare a service call, arrange salt delivery, do trouble shooting,… You as an installer can restart or reset the valve in order to offer your customer the full service and comfort of a careless softener.


Dashboard: The dashboard gives you an immediate overview of the online devices, the number of clients, errors that occurred and the necessary salt refil


The tab devices gives you for each connected device a detailed overview of the water usage and remaining capacity, the days to and since last generation,…

Edit settings

Through each connected device you can edit the settings like incoming & outgoing hardness, day override, regeneration hour & minute, contact details, energy saver settings,…


The manage-my-softener platform gives you an overview of your customers, their contact details and last logins. In that way you can monitor each customer & linked device.

Salt Deliveries

To improve the service to your customer and increase your complementary business, we added a salt delivery tool. You can select on region & days without salt.

Error Logs

Through the manage-my-softener you can follow-up error logs and all installations in need of maintenance. Next to the client info you find a detail of the error code.