About the platform

Pollet Water Group created a cloud-based platform offering OEM-customers, installers and end users online access to their softeners through our new W-LAN connected Valves. Thanks to the manage-my-softener-platform, we make it for installers & OEM-customers possible to consult their list of connected softeners and program the wifi-connected valve from a distance. Your end-user can consult through a mobile web application his device, ask for a salt alarm, excessive water use, etc. The platform can be set-up as a white label solution.

Target audience

With the platform we target OEM-customers & installers. We offer an easy-to-use cloud based platform to follow-up on your installed water softeners and grant your end-user a full service solution for a careless softener. Your end-user can follow-up with an easy mobile web-app without interfering with the settings of the valve.



About the WIFI valve

The W-Lan connected valves will make it possible to be consulted and programmed from a distance. Thanks to the nice and strong visualisation on the PWG manage-my-water-platform OEM-customers and installers can access to the valve controllers data at different levels. They can consult and modify from a distance the current and historical usage data as well as the actual settings.